We’re adventure seekers, and admittedly, that mostly means being outside in the wild, but every so often, (OK, quite a lot of the time actually) the weather gets the better of us, and we have to seek adventure indoors. And with kids, that can be very hard work, especially in Southampton, which although a great place, is definitely more geared to its open parks and cultural sections.

However INJOY is changing things and is a very welcome addition for the kids of the city. Head to the bottom of this post for some special offers if you’re local.

Situated in Ocean Village (inside the old Cineworld building) INJOY is a children’s activity centre with a difference, featuring a soft play zone, interactive area, trampoline park and climbing walls, as well a go-karts and a cookery and crafts area.

We were recently invited to their press event to get a taste of all you can do.

Soft Play

The soft play area is divided in to two areas, a baby section and a main climbing section. Each have height restrictions clearly shown at the entrances. If you’ve bought tickets for this and the trampoline park, you’ll need to flip your kids socks inside out so they don’t stick on the slides.

The babies section is really cute with a little slide, a mini ball pit and soft play real world areas too.

The main soft play area is several stories high and to be honest, is awesome. As we were at a private event, us adult obviously went it, which was needed when we had to try and get the toddlers and pre-schoolers back out (we met up with friends @_littlesnippetsblog and @gymginandgianttantrums whilst at the event so teamed up). There’s a pretty cool interactive storm section in one of the top floors, as well as see-through floors and a set of four giant slides creating the exit. There’s also a larger ball pit.

Trampoline Park

The trampoline park is sectioned off, and you have to go through to the safety briefing first, but then it’s free roaming in the section. There’s a number of areas to chose from, aimed at different age groups and abilities. There’s the dodgeball section, which is where we spent most of our time as it’s for any age. Then the babies sections, specifically for little ones. There’s also a 7+ section which is trampolines creating a staircase, and a giant airbag which the dads all loved. Lastly there is an assault course which is good fun for those with some upper body strength.

This zone is smaller than a traditional trampoline park but not by so much that it’s not worth it. The only disappointment is the staircase trampoline section is quite large but not aimed for our kids age range so we couldn’t use it, so the actual area that toddlers and pre-schoolers could use was a little limiting. However, for older kids this section would be great, and as the soft play wouldn’t be for them, it does even it out a little for the whole family to be involved.

Climbing Walls

This was the dad’s favourite zone, and we definitely lost two of the three of them for quite some time there, as well as Hanna from @_littlesnippetsblog as she challenged her fiance up the walls.

There’s a range of different walls to climb as well as the leap of faith, which the guys absolutely adored. Henry still talks about watching Dan (Hanna’s fiance) doing it with awe!

You do need good footwear, which I did not have with me, but there isn’t strictly an age limit to this area, it’s more based on ability.

Interactive Area

So we actually missed this zone because the kids loved the soft play and trampolines so much (and we stayed an extra two hours after the private event finished too – which shows just how much fun they were having) but this area looks amazing from what I’ve seen on social media, and really unique. You can create your own characters and objects which then come to life on the walls. We’ll absolutely be going back to try it out for ourselves.


For an activity centre, the food is great. There’s a huge selection of food choices, including make your own pizzas (available for one hour a day), as well as burgers, breakfasts and plenty of vegetarian options. Dann had a burger and said it was one of the best he’d ever had, which is a big compliment. Portions are good, and the pricing on point. If you don’t fancy a big meal, then coffee and cake is also on offer, and looks as good as any decent cafe would offer. With plenty of seating downstairs opposite the soft play, and more upstairs with views over the centre, you’re spoilt for choice.

Everything else

There’s also a go-karts section underneath the soft play which looks great fun as an addition for toddlers.

You can also hire out for birthdays, with dedicated areas upstairs, which we need to go back and explore.

There is plenty of parking available, but Ocean Village is a little old school, so remember your coins as the pay and display is coin operated only. If you’re parked in the city centre, it’s only a 15 minute walk through some of Southampton’s nicest areas.

There’s plenty of toilet facilities, including smaller toilets for little ones which is a very nice touch.

Special Offers

Follow INJOY Centre Southampton on Facebook and Instagram to see new daily offers and competitions. INJOY is currently running a number of special offers to celebrate the start of the summer holidays. These include:

  • When paying full price for soft play, you can add the interactive zone for £2 off peak, and £3 during peak hours
  • Four-hour entry for one child to the climbing walls, interactive zone, trampolines and soft play for £19
  • Entry for one child for three hours to either climbing walls or trampoline area for £20 off peak and £24 peak
  • Entry for three children for one hour on either climbing walls or trampoline area for £20 off peak and £24 peak
  • Children can make their own pizzas in the downstairs restaurant for £3, which runs for one hour a day only

INJOY Centre is open from Monday to Sunday between 9am and 8pm. A new INJOY centre will be opening in Derby in September. For more information and to book activities in advance, go to injoycentres.co.uk

Thank you to INJOY for the invite to your press event, the kids absolutely adored it and we can’t wait to come back.

By Illustrated Teacup — https://illustratedteacup.com/2019/07/ad-injoy-centre-southamptons-indoor-fun-zone-for-kids.html